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Tips for an Effective Business Card Printing For Your Brand

For any business, first impression matters. The harsh reality is that it’s inevitable for people to judge you by what they see. The first shot to introduce yourself can last for only about 10 seconds or less even. You need high quality business card printing to promote your business or compensate a not so good […]

How Rude Co-Workers Can Affect Your Family Life

  Life is already hard here in Singapore and enduring it with a rude co-worker makes it a lot worse. You are old enough to know that not all your co-workers are nice and respectful. Actually you realized that the moment you started working and you have come to accept it as a part of […]

Using Tears to Your Advantage  

  For many, crying at work sounds humiliating – and it may even bring up mortifying memories. This may be the case but we have to know that there is a new research claiming that sometimes shedding few tears can be used to our advantage. The research titled “Weep and Get More”, published in the […]

Things to Triple Check in Your Résumé

When it comes to applying for a job, you need to understand that you’re only given one shot. Which is why it’s important that you submit a flawless résumé, or you’ll end ruining your chances at bagging your dream job. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed some of the things that you should […]