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Treatment Procedures for Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin illnesses, but is also one of the most difficult to treat. For a dermatologist to devise a treatment plan, the patient must understand its different causes and why some people are more susceptible to acne than others. Causes of Acne The different types of acne are caused […]

How to Avoid Getting Dry Skin When Going to the Beach

  It is rainy season but summer never ends here. Beach is just around the corner and we couldn’t help but to enjoy it. If you like to go to Siloso beach, you should know some tips to avoid dry skin. If untreated, dry skin may lead to Xerosis. Xerosis is a skin condition characterized […]

Beauty Hacks for Busy Women

  Sometimes you are too busy that you do not pay much attention to your look or get up. That is not good since part of your total package includes your appearance. It is important that you look presentable and good all the time no matter the hectic schedule. It is up to you to […]

Beauty Hacks You Oughtta Know

  Many Singaporean women cannot go out without looking their best. There is nothing wrong with that because it can make you feel good. With experience, some women are better in beauty game. It is time that these veteran makeup artists share their secret to the newbies. Looking best should not be kept secret because […]

Things to Wear this New Year  

  We want to welcome the year fashionably. We might get invited to parties or better – join the New Year’s countdown. For some Singaporeans, the biggest hurdle is deciding what to wear. We have to look our best and in style. Here’s how we can usher the New Year with style: Maxi skirt: Who […]

The Perfect Make-Up Cover

  Whether we are going to work or to a party, we need that perfect cover up if we want to look striking. Choosing the right makeup base is the beauty equivalent of finding that perfect HDB flat here in Singapore. It takes a lot of effort from getting the right shade to discovering the […]