Best Saltwater Fish for Beginners

If you have had some experience with freshwater tanks, you should try to set up a saltwater tank to see the difference. It is both challenging and rewarding, especially if you have what it takes to adopt and raise these saltwater fish.

Blenny Fish

They are very peaceful fish and usually just hide in plants and rocks. However, it is best to keep just one blenny fish for one tank to avoid fighting.

Butterfly Fish

They are easy to raise, but you should take note of the specific requirements for the type of butterfly fish you’re adopting.

Chalk Bass

They are known for their resilience and durability, making them ideal for those still learning the ropes when it comes to saltwater aquariums. If you are going to include several of them in a tank, make sure to introduce them all at once to avoid territorial tendencies.


They are easy to raise and feed, plus they are fun to watch because they are usually active.


The blue or green chomis are active and easy to care for. Just make sure you include live rocks in your tank.


Make sure you get the biggest tank size you can afford to avoid territorial tendencies. Place plenty of hiding places as well if you want to place more than one dottyback in your aquarium.


Not only will you love it for its appearance, but the firefish can get along with almost any tankmate. Make sure to provide plenty of natural hiding places for them.

Flame Hawkfish

These bottom dwellers should not be housed with shrimp, gobies, blennies, and other bottom-dwelling fish.


They are the most popular choice for beginner saltwater aquariums, because they can adapt to different water conditions. However, you should monitor the water salinity closely because they can influence it.

Pajama Cardinalfish

Its black band around the middle of its body makes it unique. A minimum of a 30-gallon tank is required for a school of cardinalfish. They are also active at night and love to hide during daytime.


If you want to introduce any type of wrasse in your tank, make sure that there are a lot of hiding places. However, they are only ideal for large tanks because they can be messy.

Royal Gramma Basslet

Their colorful bodies make them a great addition to an aquarium, but you should include rocks as hiding places for these fish.

Talbot’s Damsel

They can help you control algae growth in the tank, plus they are not picky with food and are tolerant with most water conditions. What’s not to love?


These brightly-colored fish are not only pretty to look at, but they are hardy fish, too. Tangs are relatively peaceful although they fight amongst themselves. They come in different colors such as blue and yellow.

Watchman Goby

Keep only one type of goby for your saltwater tank to avoid conflicts with other gobies. Other than that, they are friendly and not difficult to feed.

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