Beauty Hacks You Oughtta Know


Many Singaporean women cannot go out without looking their best. There is nothing wrong with that because it can make you feel good. With experience, some women are better in beauty game. It is time that these veteran makeup artists share their secret to the newbies. Looking best should not be kept secret because everyone deserves to look their best.


The thing here is sometimes it takes time and it gets complicated when you try to get your best look. If you could use a shortcut, will you consider it? Of course! Here are some beauty hacks worth learning and spreading:

For your lips

If you are want your lips to pop, you have to make use of a concealer. Line the outside of your lips using your concealer. This can give an effect of crispy edge. Metallic lips are in these days, If you want this, you just need to add dimension with the help of a highlighter. If you want to contour your lips, apply first a dark pencil before applying your favorite lipstick. Another trick to make that perfect edge is using scotch tape.

Sometimes when you tackle lipsticks, the greatest problem is getting broken. If this happens, do not throw it. You can just fuse the ends with the help of little heat.

For your eyes

If you are particular about eyes, you have to make good use of mascaras. You already applied mascara but you are always conscious of it drying up. Well, you can just add little eye drops to revive mascara. When you are trying to put an eyeliner, you can maximize your post-it tabs as an eyeliner guide to achieve that flawless edge.


It is always inconvenient if your eyeshadow is broken. If your eyeshadow is broken, you can still revive it with one neat trick – alcohol. You just need to pour few drops of alcohol then press and mix. Do not worry, the alcohol will not affect the color or texture of the eyeshadow.

For your nails

If you are a big fan of French tips (regardless of the color), you have to use a rubber band.

For your blackheads

Blackheads are indeed stubborn and it is an unwelcome sight. If you want to remove blackheads, use a store-bought gelatin. It will serve as your strip.

For tweezers

Sometimes your ignore tweezers if it is dull. You either continue using it or replace it with new one. If you continue to use it, it can affect the skin and if you replace it every now and then, it will cost you money. The safest thing to do is use it but sharpen it first using a nail file.


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