Beauty Hacks for Busy Women


Sometimes you are too busy that you do not pay much attention to your look or get up. That is not good since part of your total package includes your appearance. It is important that you look presentable and good all the time no matter the hectic schedule. It is up to you to allot at least few minutes to get ready.


The good news is that there are many beauty hacks out there for busy Singaporean career women especially if you belong in low-maintenance group. You should keep in mind to always look your best whether you put some foundation or lipstick so you do not completely freak out your prospects be it career or relationships.

Here are some hacks for you:

  • Have your signature makeup look: You do not need to highlight everything, you just need to pick a part that you want to emphasize and voila – that will be your signature makeup look. You do not put makeups because it takes time but if you have this signature makeup look, it will be easier. So whether it is smoky eyes, red-pouty lips, a blush or mascara, it is up to you.


  • Know how to get ready in five minutes: Your friends suddenly called you for a night one. It is time that you consider it but before anything else, you need to scour your cabinet. Looking for something to wear will probably take few minutes. Then the hardest thing to do – face makeup. You should know how to get ready in five minutes. If you need practice, just do so. A five minute makeup includes applying foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick.

ten product makeup routine

  • Get something that can do both things: Time is of essence and if you could cut back an activity, it would be pleasing. In this case, look for a tinted moisturizer. These moisturizers have double duties – it can serve as a foundation and moisturizer. Think of the time you can save for skipping the application of moisturizer.


  • Nailing that red lip: Having a red lip is pretty intimidating to wear but you can be bold and ready for it. In fact, having a red lip is empowering so you have to nail it. Red lip makes you look like you spent more time getting ready. Do not shy away from scarlet shades.


  • Exfoliate: This sounds time consuming but if you do not allot time exfoliating from head to toe, dead skin build up is inevitable. It can flog the pores so expect more time to get ready because of the break out.

It is perfectly fine if you go to work wearing makeup or even blow drying your hair. If you want to get glammed often, you should do so.

Young woman applying exfoliating gel to face, portrait, close-up

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