Baking Cookies for Beginners

Decorating cookies is an art that needs a lot of practice and knowledge about the ingredients used. If you don’t want to go through the messy trial and error process, here are tips for decorating cookies.

Start with the simplest design. Even with a recipe, sometimes you need to know how to estimate the ingredients needed to get the color and consistency right. That is why you should practice with simple designs first to hone your basic skills.

Plan your designs. All designs, even food decoration, go through a certain process. The most important of which is planning how many cookies you need to make, what texture to work on, what colors you need, and other decorations. If you need to sketch a design, do so. You should also list down everything you need to avoid forgetting ingredients.

Freeze the cookies before baking. To make sure that your cookies retain their shape after baking, and make decorating easier as a result, you should place the unbaked cookies in the refrigerator for at least five minutes.

Be mindful of the thickness of the dough. Do not make your cookies too thin because that will make decorating trickier. Thinner dough results in uneven surfaces and inconsistent shape with your cookies. You might end up using more or less of the icing than what is written on the recipe.

Use a craft knife to remove bumps. Before you start decorating, make sure that the cookie surface is flat. You can sand or scrape the bumps using a craft knife or scalpel.

Practice placing icing without piping. Piping takes a lot of practice to get right even if it looks convenient. There are other ways to add seamless icing without it if you can make a stiff icing consistency.

Use food markers. One way to make designing easier is to utilize edible food markers. This is less messy than piping the design because you are sure you’re getting the correct shape and color. If you want to use other designs, you should also look for dried icing stamps.

Insert a pin when piping isn’t used. To avoid the getting a crusty icing on the tip of the piping, insert a pin into the tip. It can even be used to remove air bubbles by tapping it gently on the surface.

Remember that icing darkens when it’s dry. To achieve the same consistency and color in all your cookie designs, you need to use more than one batch of the same color. Sometimes what is written on the recipe might not be enough to decorate all cookies. You need to make more than what you think you need just in case.

Work by batches. If you need to decorate a lot of cookies, it would be less messy if you work by color. That way, you do not need to change the icing in the piping frequently.

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