Are Your Dating Expectations Too High?

While it is important that you set good standards for a romantic relationship, you also need to ask yourself if you are asking too much from a person. Are you always dissatisfied with how your relationships turn out? Do you have a difficult time dating people because can’t find the Mr. or Ms. Right?

Maybe you need to re-examine how you feel and what your ideas are about relationships.

You don’t want to compromise

Romantic relationships are about compromise because there will be things that you can’t change. If you see the other person as a sort of clay to be molded into the perfect partner, then I have bad news for you: you will never find the perfect blank tablet. You focus too much on what is missing or needs improvement, but you don’t want to see what is good in your relationship.

You watch too many romantic movies and series

Comparing your relationships to those you see in movies and television is unfair to the other person. Those stories are scripted, formulaic, and even use time skips to make things look exciting. You think grand gestures like proposals are the ultimate signs of love, but in reality, you will be dealing with more mundane things. If you can’t handle that, then just keep watching those movies instead.

You want your partner all to yourself

Expecting your partner to think of you all the time, spending days with you, and worrying about you night and day seems a little too much. The other person also needs to spend time with family and friends and to focus on his/her career or education.

You can’t expect one person to fulfill all your emotional needs, after all, if the tables were turned, you would want to break free from a person who never lets you enjoy your time with your loved ones.

You have a checklist

Everyone has a different idea of what they find attractive in people physically, but to highlight that in your long laundry list instead of focusing on connection and character is absurd.

If you are waiting to be swept off your feet by a handsome, tall, and rich guy or a beautiful, curvy, and submissive woman then you’re not going to be satisfied with your relationships. Moreover, the circle that you are used to might also contribute to your narrow dating pool because you never look at other people who have a different education level, salary grade, and beliefs.

Have you even considered asking what you bring to the table? For example, how will you even meet a fit and healthy person if you yourself don’t like going to the gym?

You think it’s their responsibility to make you happy

A loving relationship can certainly contribute to your happiness and fulfillment, but you need to know that it also comes with trials. No relationship will be happy lovey-dovey all the time; after all, even relationships between siblings and married couples can be challenging.

It is normal in any intimate relationship to disagree and have conflicts. Do not expect to get all your emotional requirements from one person and then give nothing in return.

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