An Exploration Guide For the Art Science Museum

The museum intended not only for children but also for people who have the stir on learning scientific wonders—this is the Art Science Museum. Art Science Museum is located in Marina Bay Sands. One will not get lost in looking for this place because the museum has a very unique and eye-catching architectural design which looks like a lotus flower.


Before getting in the Art Science Museum, have a good look on how this building was created.  This unique design was a product of Architect Moshe Safdie’s mind. The building has ten petals if you see it as a lotus flower, or it has ten fingers if you see it as a hand. These ten areas hold and exhibit different areas of the museum.


Inside the museum, one of the most popular areas is the Dinosaurs: Dawn of Extinction area. In this area, the pre-historic animals starting from the T-Rex to different types of dinosaurs are displayed. The story on how the dinosaurs lived during their era up to the day they were wiped out are presented in interesting pictures and brief explanations. Bones and remains of dinosaurs also stood around this area. Educational lectures are also help here.

Other areas in the Art Science Museum such as the Curiosity, Inspiration and Expression house artistic works of people from history until now. Historical accounts which are significant to world civilization like the story of Genghis Khan are also shown in the Art Science Museum.


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