8 Ways to Foster Your Child’s Learning


Children love to learn. They constantly try out things new things and are always inquisitive. Unfortunately, their curiosity and enthusiasm often get stripped away by middle childhood as learning becomes competitive and overwhelming. Whether your toddler attends school outside your home or is home-schooled, these are some of the ways to ignite the flame of your little one’s love for learning.


  1. Be an Inspiration for Your Children

If you want to spark up the curiosity, passion, and creativity of your children, be a good example in their eyes. If they can see you passionately interested in a hobby or participating in projects, they will get the impression that life is about setting and fulfilling goals.

  1. Show Interest to your Child’s Chosen Passion

This allows you to bond with your child and nurture his passions. Even if you don’t understand why you kid loves a particular thing, show enthusiasm by asking question. Listen and exchange ideas with him so you can really understand his feelings and views towards a particular interest.

  1. Read Stories

For centuries, it has always been a ritual for parents and children to read bedtime stories. Stories stimulate your child’s imagination and sense of wonder, therefore nurturing their creativity as well as communication skills. Eventually, children who enjoy bedtime stories will develop a love for reading when they grow older.


  1. Allow Plenty of Play Time

Today, chidren’s day-to-day activities are often scheduled, leaving so little time for playing and exploration. Not only does playing outdoors do wonders for your kid’s creativity, it also allows your child to discover his interests. If the child does nothing but study and his homeworks, there is lesser time for him to discover what he’s really passionate about.

  1. Create Field Trips

Singapore is fully clad with nature parks and cultural centres. Take advantage of them and bring your child to these places. Every weekend, take the family to field trips to nature reserves and art museums. Even a short vacation can make a difference on improving your child’s appreciation for the world.

  1. Focus More on the Process

Perhaps, your little girl is interested in dancing, but struggling to execute the steps. Let her know that having fun and trying her best to get her steps together is what matters most than perfectly memorizing the steps. Be supportive and encouraging, but don’t push her too hard.

  1. Embrace Your Child’s Curiosity

Children are naturally curious, and this allows them to learn new things. Support their passion and expound their knowledge by answering their questions. One question can ignite a new interest if you explore the answer together.

Children are naturally eager learners. Nurture that passion and enjoy learning and growing along with your toddler.


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