7 Ways to Protect Your Eyes and Maintain Good Vision

Protecting our eyesight is one of the most important things to do for us to live well, especially as we age. But sometimes it is easily taken for granted, causing some problems and complications. But there are many things we can do protect our eyes. And here are only a few of those ways.

  1. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is important to keep our eyes protected from too much strain. It is even said that our eyes need at least five hours of sleep to rest and replenish. With too much strain, the blood vessels in our eyes could reach its limit, resulting to more complicated eye problems. That is why we should try to get a lot of sleep and look for times to rest our eyes throughout the day.

  • Exercise

Aside from keeping our physical being healthy and strong, regular exercise can also give benefits to our eyes. Although it doesn’t really affect our eyesight directly, it may address other issues that can be connected to our eyes. We can get eye problems, for example, if we have high blood pressure and cholesterol which can be lowered with exercise.

  • Drink enough water

As we all know, having enough water is essential for our organs to function well. And our eyes, quite simply, is also an organ. If we don’t have enough fluid in our body, our eyes will be deprived of its ability to blink comfortably and see without straining. Basically, water keeps our eyes clean and functioning properly.

  • Stop smoking

In relation to our eyes, smoking damages the optic nerve, increase the risk of developing cataracts, and many other problems and diseases. In addition, being directly exposed to cigarette smoke can also cause eye irritation. Although frequent smokers may have difficulty kicking the habit, to completely stop smoking can greatly benefit overall health.

  • Take a break from your devices

Computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices are all typically essential in our life today, but don’t really do our eyes any good. Staring at a phone or computer screen for long periods of time can cause headaches, blurry vision, eye strain, and also dry eyes.

  • Maintain the appropriate brightness

When using your gadgets, try to adjust the screen’s brightness so that it doesn’t beam out on the eyes too brightly. Especially in the dark, turn down the brightness so as to avoid getting eye strain or other eye diseases later on.

  • Keep a good distance

Keeping our eyes and gadget screens at a fair distance can help reduce too much exposure to blue light.  The closer we put our eyes to the screen, the more the light can damage our eyes. It is recommended then, to keep our eyes about 40 to 70 centimeters away from computer and smartphone screens.

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