7 Top Fashion Pieces Every French Girl Has

Many of us want to be like French girls because of their exceptional and effortless style. French girls are never too dressed down or too dressed up, they have mastered the art of dressing flawlessly. They can elevate a simple outfit and turn it into a show-stopping number.

No matter how effortless a French girl’s style is, we still find it difficult to emulate how they dress and carry themselves. To be one step closer to getting that effortless French girl style, here are some fashion and clothing pieces that you need to have to become one.


  • Jeans

Because of its comfort and versatility, jeans are a top favorite of French girls. It’s practically a uniform because you can wear them anytime and anywhere. It can even be used to adopt any style- such classic, feminine and edgy.


  • Shirt

Another French girl uniform is the crisp white button-down shirt. Get it in different styles and fabrics as long as you stack them up in your wardrobe. You can pair the white shirt with anything from skinny jeans to a flare skirt. Roll up the sleeves for a more effortless look.


  • Leather jacket

A leather jacket is a fashion item you can wear all year round. From casual to formal, feminine to edgy, a leather jacket is a finishing touch to a stylish ensemble. The most popular pairing is a plain t-shirt and leather jacket, channeling James Dean’s favorite style.


  • Blazer

A blazer is a corporate chic clothing piece. A pair of jeans and graphic tee can be made more polished once a blazer is added. To get the perfect fit, tailor it to your exact measurements.


  • Oversized sweater

A cashmere sweater is a thing of beauty. It’s soft and luxurious, and can go with anything you pair it with. Since French girls like unconventional ways of baring skin, they will probably wear this with one shoulder off.


  • Little black dress

Not only a French girl clothing essential, an LBD is something every girl should have in their closet. You can never go wrong with the little black dress. It’s timeless and always in fashion. Invest in different styles of LBD which you can change up depending on what style you want to portray for the day.


  • Trench coat

A French girl’s wardrobe is not complete without the trench coat. They never go out of fashion and can wear it no matter the season. It can be a good outer wear for an off-duty ensemble or a fancy outfit.


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