5 Tips for Long-Term Trips with Kids

Ever thought of renting a family home somewhere and just explore the world for months? It’s a vacation that plenty of families would love to get on, but just the thought of planning such as major trip is already daunting—especially when it requires so much of your energy just to prepare the kids and get them out of the door.
However, if you’re determined to take your entire family to your dream long-haul vacation, here are some tips to make prepping up a lot easier.

1. Stick to Your Decision
There are positives and negatives to long-term travels with kids. Travelling with toddlers is cheaper, since you don’t have to worry about school, but they’re also unlikely to remember anything about your trip. Older kids can remember memories but you need to think about their studies. And while your teenagers can handle more activities, close friendships at home could mean they will need more convincing to go on a long-term trip. Worried about when’s the ‘right’ time to travel? Just a pick a date and start planning.

2. Get the Necessary Shots
Securing your kid’s health should always be a top priority, especially when travelling outside Singapore. Before hitting the road, get the necessary vaccinations months in advance. Bring a good first aid kit with you in case of minor boo-boos and discuss with everyone what to do during an emergency.

3. Budget Wisely
Running out of money when you’re far from home should be avoided, so work out a weekly budget and make sure to stick it. But also, do not derive yourself of some splurges from time to time by setting aside a different budget for that. To save some cash, be wise with choosing your destination. You’ll burn quite a lot in Europe and America compared to India and Southeast Asia. Also, try camping instead of staying in a hotel and cook your own food rather than dining out every meal.

4. Pack Light As Much As Possible
Are travelling around with baby paraphernalia or flying with kid who can bring their own things? Do you need to plan for different seasons or will you be going somewhere tropical? Wherever you’re headed, pack as little as you can. You can buy other stuff, like food and clothes, along the way, anyway. A small backpack that your kids can carry themselves is an effective way to get the, involved in the preparation.

5. Let Travel Be the Teacher
Learn about history and art by visiting temples, museums and other ancient sites; use the market trips as quick math lessons; study maps for your kids to understand geography; and encourage your kids to socialize by interacting with locals using local language.

It is a major decision to travel for long-term with the family. There are a lot of things to plan for, but you’ll get it done a tad easier if you keep these points in mind.

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