5 Things to Know if You Want to be a Serious Gamer


For some people, gaming is a serious hobby. There are those who invest in quality hardware and software to get the best experience. Gaming can be an expensive hobby, especially if you’re seriously considering going beyond mobile gaming. So what do you need to know when you’re new to gaming?

  1. The Different Platforms

Platform is the system used for video games. There are games available in most if not all platforms, and there are some games you can only play in a specific platform. The important thing to consider here is how much you’re willing to spend. Overall, a personal computer or a gaming laptop is more expensive than the leading consoles. They need to be upgraded and updated if you’re planning to play new titles. Most games available for most platforms except console-exclusive titles. Consoles are affordable, easier to maintain and do not need upgrades every time a new title comes out. Another platform are the handhelds. Some games can also be played exclusively on these devices.

  1. Find Your Genres

Some genres are common in some platforms although gaming companies have made sure to cater to different gamers in recent years. So far, there are eight major categories you can choose from: action, adventure (some games are classified action-adventure), role-playing games (RPG), simulation, strategy, and sports. These are just general guides however. There are a lot of titles that can be classified under more than one genre.

  1. Linear and Non-linear

Linear games have one overarching story. You will not be able to get to the next level if you do not complete the current mission you’re on. Most of these games rely heavily on the narrative. Non-linear games are often called open-world games. They still have an overarching story but you can choose not to complete it if you just want to explore or perform side missions. Progress in the game does not depend solely on the main missions.

  1. Single-Player, Co-Op and Multiplayer

When choosing a new game, you have to consider not just the price and genre but if it can be played by just one or more persons. If you want family members and friends to participate, pick titles that will allow more than one player. There is also an option for local co-op and multiplayer that don’t require you to connect to the Internet.

  1. Online and Offline

At some point in your exploration of your new hobby, you might want to play with or against strangers. Although you can still play with friends online, there is a certain appeal to making new friends and testing your skills against more types of players. Pick games that have both offline and online features if you’re feeling adventurous. Not that offline modes are bad, of course. If you don’t want to deal with (potentially) troublesome people and just want to explore new worlds on your own, offline mode is for you.

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