5 Foods & Drinks Pregnant Women Should Avoid


A lifestyle change is necessary once a woman becomes pregnant. Everything they consume matters, especially the food and drinks they eat and drink. It’s tough to control cravings and urges during pregnancy but it is always better to avoid things that might negatively affect us and the baby rather than just be sorry later on. Prevention is always better than cure. Doctors in Singapore listed down the unsafe foods and drinks that expecting moms should avoid:


  1. Canned Food. It is important to avoid these foods because these are high in preservatives, sodium and sugar. If you do not have other healthy foods in your fridge like natural and fresh goodies, then you must thoroughly cook the canned food. Make sure to avoid consuming a lot since these can increase the risk for miscarriage and make your baby obese due to the exposure to BPA chemicals.


  1. Raw Food. To avoid risks of contamination, you should as much as possible avoid eating raw foods. Aside from the fact that it is unsafe, you could really expose yourself and the baby to germs, bacteria and infections. You should only consume foods that have been cooked thoroughly. Thus, unpasteurized dairy, raw eggs, shellfish and meat should be avoided.


  1. Oily and Fatty Food. These type of food can increase a pregnant’s risk for heartburn and may lead into gestational diabetes. If you do not want that your baby’s immune system will get affected due to your high-fat and high-sugar diet, then you have to adjust your way of eating. It’s always okay to give in to your cravings but don’t indulge too much on eating bad fats. Instead, you can eat fish which is a good source of good fats with omega-3 fatty acids.


  1. Drinks with Artificial Sweeteners and Caffeine. Consuming drinks with artificial sweeteners and caffeine can give enormous effects. Artificial sweeteners on diet drinks and low-calorie sweeteners can make you give birth to heavier babies that could become overweight in the future. If you are craving for such drinks, just choose those with natural sugar instead. Caffeine, on the other hand, can lead to water and nutrient loss and could possibly incur miscarriage if taken in high dosage during the first trimester. Again, it is okay to idulge in your cravings but make sure that you take it in moderation.


  1. Alcohol. During pregnancy, abstinence from alcohol is a must. If you do not want your baby to develop the fetal alcohol syndrome and acquire birth physical defects and delay in cognitive development, then you should avoid these. Restrain yourself up until you are already allowed to drink, which of course will be after the giving of birth and advised 2 years of breastfeeding. So for now, go for milk and fresh fruit juices.


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