5 Exercise Hacks While Prepping Yourself Up

Let’s admit it, we often find working out as a taxing activity to do. Although it’s the healthiest way to get a supermodel-like body, we still often need lots of motivation to go to the gym or even just workout at home. Luckily, there are exercise hacks that you can do while prepping up yourself for work or for a Friday night-out with your friends.


  1. Stretch As You Shower. If you don’t have the time to perform separate stretch exercises, fitness experts recommend performing it while you take your shower. The warm water in the shower helps by relaxing the muscles, making it an ideal time to do some stretching. Other than the warm water, you can also use your bathroom walls in performing your pecs and hamstring stretches.
  1. Perform Dips in the Kitchen Chair. Instead of staring in space waiting for the bread toaster to go off or your coffee to brew, make the most of your waiting time by performing some easy triceps dips using a chair in your kitchen or dining room area.Tricep-1_large
  1. Do Some Calve Raises While Checking the Mirror. The next time you brush your teeth, apply your makeup, curl your hair or check your outfit in the mirror, try multitasking by performing some calve raises at the same time. Do it by raising up on your toes and lowering it down slowly, or by alternately raising a leg behind you.
  1. Wear Wrist Weights While Blow Drying. One good way to exercise your arms and have gorgeous hair at the same time is to wear some wrist weights as you blow dry or style your hair. Depending on the thickness and length of your hair, drying it could take about 20 minutes, which means you’ll be able to exercise your arms for 20 minutes as well.
  1. Squat While Prepping Up. Workout your legs and look gorgeous at the same time by performing a squat hold while prepping up. Instead of sitting down in front of your dresser while applying some makeup or drying your hair, perform a 5-second squat hold every couple of minutes instead.

Most of us really lack the motivation to stay committed in our workout routine. We are fond of making excuses to not go to the gym and exercise, but by incorporating simple workout routines into our beauty routines just like the aforementioned exercise hacks, we can now easily perform our workout routines without consuming much of our time.


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