4 Reasons Why You Should Always Keep Garlic in Your Food Pantry

We all know garlic as a food ingredient, but it’s more versatile than that. There are more ways that can help you out other than improving your food’s taste and adding a pleasant aroma to your kitchen while you do so.

In fact, here are the biggest reasons why you should always keep a few bulbs of garlic in your food pantry:

1. It improves skin conditions

Garlic is packed with antioxidants that soothe skin irritation, such as rashes and even psoriasis outbreaks. To get smooth skin, rub a small amount of garlic oil on the affected area/s.

Garlic cloves are also great for splinters, cold sores, and athlete’s foot because of its anti-inflammatory properties, so you can apply them directly on the affected area or toss them in warm water for a garlic foot bath.

2. It helps with acne

You’d be surprised to know that having a few cloves of garlic can help with zit breakouts that have gone really bad, especially with kids who are just entering puberty. This is because the antioxidants in it can kill the bacteria that cause the breakouts.

To minimize acne, rub cut cloves directly on the pimples, or use garlic supplements you can find in a lot of health food stores.

3. You can kill pests with it

Are insect pests annoying you and you want a cheap way to deal with them? Use garlic!

Finely chop a whole head of cloves or process them using a food processor or blender. Once it’s finely chopped, place it in a container and fill it with hot water. Be sure to let it steep for a few hours, if not overnight.

This gives you a powerful spray you can use to kill annoying insects that keep getting in your home or indoor garden – just be sure to strain the garlic away from your container before pouring it into a spray bottle.

4. It prevents the common cold (and flu)

It’s especially important that you boost your garlic intake now that your health has become an even more important resource, and with cold and flu viruses striking from anywhere, it’s best to be prepared.

Incorporating garlic in your meals is the easiest way you can do this, and there are a lot of ways to add it to meals, from sautéing to adding it in garlic bread.

A quick batch of roasted garlic soup will not only keep the sniffles at bay, but thanks to its natural richness in antioxidants, it can even fight free radicals in your body and slow down the aging process, giving you a more youthful glow in the process!

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