4 Delicious and Healthy Snacks Your Pantry Should Have

Having the intense desire to munch on something can often lead to spending a little too much on snacks that are rich in salt and fat. While there’s nothing wrong with buying chips on occasion, this is often the start of unhealthy habits that can lead to problems in the near future.

Fortunately, you can fix that by swapping out your popcorn and chips with some natural choices. Here are a few healthy snacks you can stock your pantry with:

1. Nuts, Dried Berries, and Seeds

There’s nothing like a good trail mix to satisfy your craving or give you a quick energy boost when you’re curled up to unwind after a long day, busy working on a project at home, or even when you have to be on the go all the time.

The best thing about trail mixes is that you can do all sorts of things with them, from kinds of nuts, berries, and seeds in your trail mix, experimenting with different varieties to suit your taste, to even add a few extras such as chocolate and peanut butter chips for your sweet tooth.

2. Fruits

This may sound like a no-brainer, but having fresh fruit at home will do more than just provide your body with the much-needed nutrients and electrolytes that you’ve used up after a long day’s work.

Fruit is also surprisingly versatile. Not only can it come in many forms, such as pickled fruits and dried fruits, but you can even throw them together in a bowl to make a fruit salad for a sweet, yet healthy alternative to ice cream.

3. Wheat/whole grain bread

Forget what you’ve been told about bread being bad for you. Just like anything else, bread is only bad when you’ve had too much of it. Carbohydrates aren’t really bad for you: in fact, this is where your body draws its primary source of energy.

If you find yourself running low on carbohydrates, the trick is to avoid the refined flour, which has the most amount of sugar. You can easily make the switch to whole grain bread, which you can eat either alone or as part of a sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes. 

4. Eggs

Even though they may have had a bad reputation for being high in calories, they’re still an extremely good source of protein that you can get by the dozen.

They’re also one of the most versatile foods that exist, as well as being one of the easiest foods that you can prepare at any time of day. You can either eat them alone (eggs are essentially a meal by themselves) or paired along with other foods.

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