3 Smart Hacks to Improve Your Internet Experience


Do you frequently experience slow-loading sites, forgotten passwords and social media rants? If so, you could be using your internet the wrong way. While it’s very useful, the internet can also be a source of frustration and anxiety. Fortunately, you can do something to improve your experience by taking advantage of these simple hacks every time you go online.


  1. Take Advantage of Soft-Block Features

At some point, you might have liked a new acquaintance, but don’t like the things they post in social media. This leaves you in an uncomfortable state of having to choose whether to continue dealing with their posts or ‘unfriending’ them, which may cause drama later on.

Fortunately, you don’t have to ‘unfriend’ or block someone to minimize the posts you can see form them. They are called ‘soft’ blocking features on Facebook. By simply going to a friend’s profile, hovering over the ‘Following’ tab and then clicking ‘Unfollow’ option, you will stop seeing posts from a particular person but still remain friends with them on Facebook.

  1. Log Out of Your Facebook Remotely

Have you signed in to other units besides your phone? Perhaps, you have signed in quickly on a friend’s laptop or mobile device? Remember that closing the browser does not log your account out. So, unless you have made a point to log out, you are still signed in on those devices and anyone can easily get into your account.


Good thing you don’t have to go chasing your friend or racing back to the office to log out your facebook. You can do it remotely, by simply going to the Settings. By clicking the Security option, you should be able to see and close any active sessions you have.

  1. Use On-the-Go PDFs

Our mobile devices have made it easier to work while on the road, until you need a scanner or a printer. There are always forms and documents that should be signed, scanned and delivered, but most home-based offices do not have scanner and printer on hand.

With the help of your mobile phone, you can at least scan your documents and e-mail it to the receiver. There are quite a number of good PDF apps that you can get download and install for free to your mobile device. With these apps you can conveniently snap a photo of your document, turn it into a PDF file and then e-mail it right away. No scanner required!

Almost everything you do online can be made easier, but it is the simplest tricks that can make internet surfing much more pleasant.  Other than these three, there are so many ways to help improve your internet use. Just try to maximize your computer’s and mobile device’s features to get the most out of them while using the internet.

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