10 Cities in the World With the Best Food


You love traveling as much as eating. Your friends and family actually call you a wandering gourmand.  For you, eating and traveling are what makes life more exciting. When you are heading to fine places, part of immersing yourself to their culture is by eating the foods that locals consume.

Speaking of traveling, you want to visit a place but you are not yet decided what city to choose. Of course you have to choose a place with the best food scene. The good news is that the World’s Best Awards surveyed, consolidated and then revealed the top international cities with the best foods according to majority of their readers.

What are these international cities?

  1. Bordeaux: Bordeaux is in France and it is known for their authentic and amazingly tasty rib eye steak cooked in gravy from a Bordeaux wine. The city boasts of winery and shellfish.


  1. Barcelona: Barcelona is in Spain. Spanish and their tourists love their Catalan cuisines like the paella, allioli (a typical sauce) and many more.


  1. Chang Mai: Talk about a place near Singapore. Chang Mai is in Thailand and it is known for its street stalls and restaurants. You need to try their famous noodle dishes and barbeque curry.


  1. San Miguel de Allende: San Miguel de Allende is in Mexico. Aside from charming colonial structures, you will their like it is fiesta every day. Foods to try include inchiladas, pacholas and fiambre.


  1. Rome: Rome happens to be the capital of world-class food in Italy. Foods to try are roman artichoke and cacao e pepe.

  1. Bologna: Another place to be in Italy is Bologna. Foods to try include antipasti, spuma di mortadella, primi piatti and many more.


  1. Florence: Never miss Florence as well when you are in Italy. Must-try foods include schiacciata, cantucci, zuppa di fagiolo, panzanella and many more.


  1. Paris: Paris is the first place you go when you are in France and that is because aside from the Eiffel Tower and some scenes, you get to taste different foods like the authentic baguette, steak frites, duck confit, croquet and many more.


  1. San Sebastian: If you are already in Spain, why not head to San Sebastian? In fact, San Sebastian has more Michelin stars. Try their amazingly good seafood a la plancha, anchovies, salmorejo and many more.


  1. Beirut: Beirut is in Lebanon and it is making a comeback as the number one city with the best foods according to the readers. The city is getting attention because of their traditional tasty dishes like toasted pita, lamb porridge and many more.

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