Superb Shopping Guide for Singaporeans

Singapore is probably one of the best shopping havens in the world. Packed with shopping centers back-to-back on Orchard Road and all around the island, consumers are spoilt for choice when purchasing goods and services. Common goods are easily accessible from Singapore’s many upmarket grocery stores, while luxury goods lie in stores sprawled at every corner of the city center.


How about the usual goods like stationary and toys? Or maybe services such as painting, travel, wedding and home decor services? Newbies to purchasing these services can go through quite a lot of hassle and confusion when doing so for the first time. That is why Sgshoppingguide is here to help. We aim to bring you the best tips to shopping smart, whether it be for products or services. With Singapore Shopping Guide, you will not be lost with our detailed guides to specific industry purchasing, as well as recommendations for different types of service needs.


How many times have you had an unpleasant shopping experience? I am sure that each one of us can relate an incident where that occurred. Even though Singapore is a shopping haven, be it shopping for goods or services, there is bound to be an incident whereby the purchase was not pleasant. It could be because of the customer service, salesperson, deliverables or some other factor that lead to your discontentment. SG Shopping Guide hopes to be able to reduce these feelings through the companies we recommend and articles to help you to be a smarter shopper.


Nowadays, what types of media do you turn to for your shopping advice? Some examples could be the newspaper, television, magazines, or even friends. If you have not considered the internet, it is about time! The internet has a large database of resources, especially many Singaporean websites dedicated to shopping, which talks about the latest promotions and guides to smart buying. Of course, SG Shopping Guide is one of them! Some up and coming articles would include advice on which companies are great to buy from, because of their good business practices and commitment to customer service. If you are a shoppaholic, bookmark our site now!

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