8 Ways to Foster Your Child’s Learning


Children love to learn. They constantly try out things new things and are always inquisitive. Unfortunately, their curiosity and enthusiasm often get stripped away by middle childhood as learning becomes competitive and overwhelming. Whether your toddler attends school outside your home or is home-schooled, these are some of the ways to ignite the flame of your little one’s love for learning.


  1. Be an Inspiration for Your Children

If you want to spark up the curiosity, passion, and creativity of your children, be a good example in their eyes. If they can see you passionately interested in a hobby or participating in projects, they will get the impression that life is about setting and fulfilling goals.

  1. Show Interest to your Child’s Chosen Passion

This allows you to bond with your child and nurture his passions. Even if you don’t understand why you kid loves a particular thing, show enthusiasm by asking question. Listen and exchange ideas with him so you can really understand his feelings and views towards a particular interest.

  1. Read Stories

For centuries, it has always been a ritual for parents and children to read bedtime stories. Stories stimulate your child’s imagination and sense of wonder, therefore nurturing their creativity as well as communication skills. Eventually, children who enjoy bedtime stories will develop a love for reading when they grow older.


  1. Allow Plenty of Play Time

Today, chidren’s day-to-day activities are often scheduled, leaving so little time for playing and exploration. Not only does playing outdoors do wonders for your kid’s creativity, it also allows your child to discover his interests. If the child does nothing but study and his homeworks, there is lesser time for him to discover what he’s really passionate about.

  1. Create Field Trips

Singapore is fully clad with nature parks and cultural centres. Take advantage of them and bring your child to these places. Every weekend, take the family to field trips to nature reserves and art museums. Even a short vacation can make a difference on improving your child’s appreciation for the world.

  1. Focus More on the Process

Perhaps, your little girl is interested in dancing, but struggling to execute the steps. Let her know that having fun and trying her best to get her steps together is what matters most than perfectly memorizing the steps. Be supportive and encouraging, but don’t push her too hard.

  1. Embrace Your Child’s Curiosity

Children are naturally curious, and this allows them to learn new things. Support their passion and expound their knowledge by answering their questions. One question can ignite a new interest if you explore the answer together.

Children are naturally eager learners. Nurture that passion and enjoy learning and growing along with your toddler.


3 Smart Hacks to Improve Your Internet Experience


Do you frequently experience slow-loading sites, forgotten passwords and social media rants? If so, you could be using your internet the wrong way. While it’s very useful, the internet can also be a source of frustration and anxiety. Fortunately, you can do something to improve your experience by taking advantage of these simple hacks every time you go online.


  1. Take Advantage of Soft-Block Features

At some point, you might have liked a new acquaintance, but don’t like the things they post in social media. This leaves you in an uncomfortable state of having to choose whether to continue dealing with their posts or ‘unfriending’ them, which may cause drama later on.

Fortunately, you don’t have to ‘unfriend’ or block someone to minimize the posts you can see form them. They are called ‘soft’ blocking features on Facebook. By simply going to a friend’s profile, hovering over the ‘Following’ tab and then clicking ‘Unfollow’ option, you will stop seeing posts from a particular person but still remain friends with them on Facebook.

  1. Log Out of Your Facebook Remotely

Have you signed in to other units besides your phone? Perhaps, you have signed in quickly on a friend’s laptop or mobile device? Remember that closing the browser does not log your account out. So, unless you have made a point to log out, you are still signed in on those devices and anyone can easily get into your account.


Good thing you don’t have to go chasing your friend or racing back to the office to log out your facebook. You can do it remotely, by simply going to the Settings. By clicking the Security option, you should be able to see and close any active sessions you have.

  1. Use On-the-Go PDFs

Our mobile devices have made it easier to work while on the road, until you need a scanner or a printer. There are always forms and documents that should be signed, scanned and delivered, but most home-based offices do not have scanner and printer on hand.

With the help of your mobile phone, you can at least scan your documents and e-mail it to the receiver. There are quite a number of good PDF apps that you can get download and install for free to your mobile device. With these apps you can conveniently snap a photo of your document, turn it into a PDF file and then e-mail it right away. No scanner required!

Almost everything you do online can be made easier, but it is the simplest tricks that can make internet surfing much more pleasant.  Other than these three, there are so many ways to help improve your internet use. Just try to maximize your computer’s and mobile device’s features to get the most out of them while using the internet.

Modem router network hub

Important Tips on Obtaining a U.S. Visa


Right now, a lot of people are finding great job opportunities in different areas across the globe. Depending on their college degrees, many people will be able to find numerous job openings not only in their home countries but also abroad. The United States of America is one of the popular destinations for these individuals. However, it’s important to remember that you will need a US visa if you opt to provide your services for a firm operating in the US.


Upon doing your homework concerning the requirements needed to present in order to go into the territory of a different nation, you’ll find that there are several nations around the world wherein its citizens get exempted from presenting a visa. If you’d like to be aware of the list of exempted countries then you can do your homework online. The United States requires a US visa from individuals originating from countries not a part of the visa exemptions.

Certainly, it is essential to adhere to the visa policy of the foreign land you intend to explore regardless of whether it is for vacation, education, business enterprise, or perhaps for employment purposes. But you’ll have to keep in mind that showing all the required files and permits is essential if you want to be approved for visa application US. There are situations when you present all of your documents but don’t get approved. Certainly, what you’ll find further on are some useful guidelines to increase your chances of approval.

You might choose to follow some hints or not but these will aid you out eventually. If you’re trying to get a work visa then you should look into the prerequisites and different level of tiers specifically for employment purposes. You will subsequently be able to ready the entire records and documents needed to be shown in the immigration department.

On top of that, it would make things easier for you to get assistance from a professional when it comes to preparing the documents required for your visa application. In case you come across a difficulty in getting a file, the expert can give you a hand. It’s very essential that you get a permit because if you don’t then there is a high chance that you’ll be put through deportation. The percentage of visa refusals is consistently escalating. In case you want to avoid getting into a trouble then make sure you put together everything needed.


If you’re having difficulty in completing the entire prerequisites then you most definitely need assistance from a professional like a legal practitioner to assist you in your visa application US. And if you successfully get approval, just be sure you follow the rules set by the country or you are risking deportation. Another suggestion that is helpful in your application is presenting all the written documents and not cutting corners.

Even if you think that the immigration officials will use their common sense when considering your situation, it doesn’t suggest that they’ll instantly process your visa. Remember that the prerequisites they’ve set in their application guidelines are obligatory and consequently should be shown by the applicant. In the event you can’t even present these prerequisites then there is a high chance your application will be rejected. When you get hired in a corporation with its headquarters abroad, you need to ensure that you prepare the entire essential prerequisites for the work visa application.

Even though you are able to conveniently get a flight ticket to the said country, it’s not guaranteed that you will be able to employ there particularly if you’re not excused from presenting a visa. If you’re a citizen from an exempted state then you will be able to easily go into the territory with no hassle. However, if you’re not then you’ll need to get a US visa.


Beauty Hacks for Busy Women


Sometimes you are too busy that you do not pay much attention to your look or get up. That is not good since part of your total package includes your appearance. It is important that you look presentable and good all the time no matter the hectic schedule. It is up to you to allot at least few minutes to get ready.


The good news is that there are many beauty hacks out there for busy Singaporean career women especially if you belong in low-maintenance group. You should keep in mind to always look your best whether you put some foundation or lipstick so you do not completely freak out your prospects be it career or relationships.

Here are some hacks for you:

  • Have your signature makeup look: You do not need to highlight everything, you just need to pick a part that you want to emphasize and voila – that will be your signature makeup look. You do not put makeups because it takes time but if you have this signature makeup look, it will be easier. So whether it is smoky eyes, red-pouty lips, a blush or mascara, it is up to you.


  • Know how to get ready in five minutes: Your friends suddenly called you for a night one. It is time that you consider it but before anything else, you need to scour your cabinet. Looking for something to wear will probably take few minutes. Then the hardest thing to do – face makeup. You should know how to get ready in five minutes. If you need practice, just do so. A five minute makeup includes applying foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick.

ten product makeup routine

  • Get something that can do both things: Time is of essence and if you could cut back an activity, it would be pleasing. In this case, look for a tinted moisturizer. These moisturizers have double duties – it can serve as a foundation and moisturizer. Think of the time you can save for skipping the application of moisturizer.


  • Nailing that red lip: Having a red lip is pretty intimidating to wear but you can be bold and ready for it. In fact, having a red lip is empowering so you have to nail it. Red lip makes you look like you spent more time getting ready. Do not shy away from scarlet shades.


  • Exfoliate: This sounds time consuming but if you do not allot time exfoliating from head to toe, dead skin build up is inevitable. It can flog the pores so expect more time to get ready because of the break out.

It is perfectly fine if you go to work wearing makeup or even blow drying your hair. If you want to get glammed often, you should do so.

Young woman applying exfoliating gel to face, portrait, close-up

Beauty Hacks You Oughtta Know


Many Singaporean women cannot go out without looking their best. There is nothing wrong with that because it can make you feel good. With experience, some women are better in beauty game. It is time that these veteran makeup artists share their secret to the newbies. Looking best should not be kept secret because everyone deserves to look their best.


The thing here is sometimes it takes time and it gets complicated when you try to get your best look. If you could use a shortcut, will you consider it? Of course! Here are some beauty hacks worth learning and spreading:

For your lips

If you are want your lips to pop, you have to make use of a concealer. Line the outside of your lips using your concealer. This can give an effect of crispy edge. Metallic lips are in these days, If you want this, you just need to add dimension with the help of a highlighter. If you want to contour your lips, apply first a dark pencil before applying your favorite lipstick. Another trick to make that perfect edge is using scotch tape.

Sometimes when you tackle lipsticks, the greatest problem is getting broken. If this happens, do not throw it. You can just fuse the ends with the help of little heat.

For your eyes

If you are particular about eyes, you have to make good use of mascaras. You already applied mascara but you are always conscious of it drying up. Well, you can just add little eye drops to revive mascara. When you are trying to put an eyeliner, you can maximize your post-it tabs as an eyeliner guide to achieve that flawless edge.


It is always inconvenient if your eyeshadow is broken. If your eyeshadow is broken, you can still revive it with one neat trick – alcohol. You just need to pour few drops of alcohol then press and mix. Do not worry, the alcohol will not affect the color or texture of the eyeshadow.

For your nails

If you are a big fan of French tips (regardless of the color), you have to use a rubber band.

For your blackheads

Blackheads are indeed stubborn and it is an unwelcome sight. If you want to remove blackheads, use a store-bought gelatin. It will serve as your strip.

For tweezers

Sometimes your ignore tweezers if it is dull. You either continue using it or replace it with new one. If you continue to use it, it can affect the skin and if you replace it every now and then, it will cost you money. The safest thing to do is use it but sharpen it first using a nail file.


How to Alkalize Your Body

Over the years, alkalized diet has become more and more popular, especially to people who are into natural diets. Making the body more alkalized is quite simple and can be done by altering a few things to your diet. But first, let’s find out what alkalizing the body really means and how to achieve it.


What Is Alkalizing

Alkalizing is the science of balancing the body’s acidity, which can contribute to the onset of many diseases. When your body is more alkaline, disease-causing bacteria are less likely to penetrate. The pH level (the alkaline-acid measurement) of the body’s internal fluids affects every cellular membrane you have in your body. Measured from the scale of zero to 14, the pH level determines how acidic or alkaline you are. The lower your pH level the more acidic you are, and the higher your pH level the more alkaline you are.

How Much Alkalizing Is Needed

In order for our body to maintain its best health, the ideal pH level is anywhere between 7.0 and 7.5. In order for the blood to do its function well in terms of distributing oxygen and nutrients to every part of the body, the pH level should be in this range. Levels that are too far from being alkaline can be harmful to the health.

In Singapore, however, people consume mostly acidic food on a daily basis and are not aware of the importance of being more alkaline, when they really need healthy alkaline water for your body especially in toxic Singapore environment Really, a balance of acidity and alkalinity in the body is the key to optimum health.

Why Alkalizing Is Important

Consuming too much acid-forming foods and slacking off from maintaining the alkalinity of the body can cause health consequences. When the body is too acidic and not sufficiently alkalized, bones and tissues may suffer. This could take a toll on the body’s ability to detoxify and repair damaged tissues, causing the person to be more prone to illnesses and diseases.

Furthermore, being more acidic can cause side effects like headaches, acne, indigestion, allergies, joint pain, weak hair and nails, poor immune system, and trouble with losing or gaining weight. These people also have higher chances of developing more serious health complications, including digestive-related illnesses and cancer.

How to Alkalize the Body

1. Eat More Greens

Actually, all vegetable are alkaline. If you eat more vegetables, you are on your way to a more alkalized health. However, green vegetables are more alkalizing. Take them in their least processed form—raw or steamed, but never fried—to get the most benefit. All types of seaweeds, herbal teas, and fresh vegetable juices are equally alkalizing as well.

2. Have Servings of Fruits Everyday

Majority of fruits are alkalizing, except plums, cranberries, and blueberries, which are more acidic. Some of the best alkalizing fruits recommended by health experts in Singapore are melons, limes, and lemons. But like vegetables, it is best to eat them raw, rather than processed, pasteurized, or cooked.

3. Incorporate Nuts and Seeds to Your Meals

Chestnuts, almonds, sesame, and chia seeds are all beneficial to your alkalized diet, but most other seeds and nuts fall under acid-forming foods. Processed seed and nut oil, such as almond, sunflower, and canola oil, are considered neutral so it’s advisable to take them sparingly.

4. Drink More Water

Being properly hydrated makes a huge difference to your health, but drinking alkaline water makes even a bigger impact in improving your overall well-being. It would be of great help if you have alkaline water filter at home, so you can ensure you’re taking water in pH level 8.0 to 9.5 every time to counteract any acid-forming food you take.


5. Use Alkaline Water On Your Foods

Aside from drinking alkalized water, you can also use them when preparing soups and beverages. Instead of using tap water, a much healthier alternative is to use alkaline water. When preparing herbal teas, which are already alkaline on their own, you can boost its alkalinity by using alkalized water to brew it.

6. Go Easy With the Transformation

Let your body slowly adjust to a more alkaline diet by taking one baby step at a time. When incorporating alkaline water into your diet, start by taking it in pH 7.5 for at least two weeks before moving up to 8.0, 8.5, all the way to 10.0. Although water filter machines can alkalize regular water up to pH level 13.0, this is too alkaline and not recommended for everyday consumption.

What Foods to Avoid

The food groups that is said to cause the most acidifying effect on the body are animal-based food, primarily meats. Fish are also acid-forming foods, but are better than any other animal meats. Also, eggs and dairy products are acid-forming, with hard cheeses as the most acidic of them all.

The last and the most acidifying food are artificial sweeteners. Although white sugar is the worst, molasses, maple syrup, and honey are also some of the sweeteners to minimally take to maintain a more alkaline health.

Shifting to a more alkaline diet is easy when approached from a simplistic point of view—aiming for 50/100 rather than 100/100 and still allowing yourself to enjoy some treats. Go easy and be creative with your diet. The rest of your life is going to be a long journey, so enjoy it with the vitality and energy that your new alkaline lifestyle brings.


Why You Need to Buy Real Twitter Followers?  


One of the best ways to promote your company, product, service or even yourself is to make use of the social media websites. Buy active Twitter followers, buy real Facebook page likes, Use of hashtag on Instagram and the likes are just some of the most commonly used social media marketing strategies by many businesses. Why don’t you try to take part in this effective scheme of boosting your company’s online presence?


Social Media Marketing

It is not a secret to the world that social media websites are among the major tools in achieving business success. These are the platforms we can use in order to reach out to our possible customers, expand our target market and reach other people across the world. With social media sites, it is not impossible to gain a loyal client outside from your country.

Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram are just three of the many social media sites that are often used for social media marketing. Twitter is also one of them. There are many users of Twitter. What is better is that most of these users are insanely active! No wonder why it is among the top sites today.

How Do You Market In Twitter?

So, how do you really market your brand, product or service in Twitter? Well, it is just by simply gaining followers. Your followers will be able to read your tweets. They can also favorite or re-tweet it. For those who are in social media marketing, having your tweets re-tweeted is definitely the best. Why? It is because the followers of that person who re-tweeted that tweet will also be able to see it. The more followers you have is the better reach for your campaign and the more re-tweets you have is the better expansion of your target audience.

The most difficult about social media marketing is the start of it. Why? It is simply because you have to spend time thinking how you will be able to gain likes (for Facebook) and followers (for Twitter and Tumblr). Without likes and followers, your advertising campaign is no sense, considering the fact that it won’t be relayed to anyone.


Fortunately, you can do something to increase the number of your followers on Twitter. You can buy real twitter followers from certain firms or individuals. There are internet marketer experts who are much more knowledgeable when it comes to internet marketing. So, why don’t you trust the number of your Twitter followers to these people or firms, right?

Why Buy Twitter Followers?

You might be wondering why there is a need for you to purchase Twitter followers. Well, it is simply to make your task done. When you already have a solid number of followers, you can already start campaigning for your products and services. While if you have no or little followers, you still have to waste time finding ones. Also, you cannot beg other people to follow the Twitter account of your business. You will look pathetic and it will have a negative impact on your business.

There are people out there who can guarantee to deliver the certain number of followers you want. As a matter of fact, they can even deliver more. All you need to do is to buy active Twitter followers from them and your problem is already solved.slider2

Can You Buy The Best PC Tower Case Online?

Are you in need of the best PC tower case or any items related to gadgets? If you are, then you should know where to purchase the best ones. However, before that, know the different tech products that you can actually buy online.


What Can You Buy Online?

There is no way to argue that the world has already been depending to technology these days. A lot of things have already changed. One of the things that changed is the way we shop. Before, we do the traditional shopping. Now, most people are now into online shopping.

Online shopping happens when you buy anything from the internet. This is the kind of shopping where you do not have to step out of the house yet you can still buy the things that you need and want as long as you have your computer or smartphone and an internet connection. Isn’t it amazing?

Anyway, there are a lot of tech products available online. As a matter of fact, many people are now purchasing their laptops and smartphones through the internet. However, instead of discussing laptops and smartphones, we will be talking here with other tech products. These are the:

  • External Hard Drive

Most often than not, people need external hard drive as the laptop’s memory is often not enough to store all their files. External hard drive makes the life of a heavy computer user a lot easier. With this kind of tech product, you can save as many movies as you want, download as many games as you like and store as many files as possible. If you want a powerful external hard drive, it is recommended for you to choose a USB powered external hard drive.

  • Computer Case Fans

While most of us know what PC case fans are, there are still some people who do not really have an idea on what it is and what it looks like. It is the type of computer fan where it comes with a case. It is intended for active cooling. It expels warmer air from the inside, draws cooler air from the outside into its case or moves air across a certain heat sink for the purpose of cooling a certain component. Most of the time, it is used to ensure that your computer won’t break due to overheat problems.

  • Mouse and Keyboard

Today, mouse and keyboard are considered to be very important especially to those who are very addicted to computer games or online games. It is not difficult for us to spot someone who is purchasing expensive set of mouse and keyboard that are made especially for gaming purposes. While it is true that before, people only shop these items at a computer store, today, they are also buying it online. Just one search and you can find a lot of keyboards and mouse devices all over the internet. All you need to do is to choose one.


Why You Should Buy Tech Products Online?

There are several reasons why many people are more interested in buying things online than following the traditional way of shopping items. The first reason is that it allows them to save time. With online shopping, you do not have to drive downtown just to buy the thing you need. You can just sit at home and browse the internet. You can find the product you are searching for online within just a few minutes. Isn’t it an ideal way of shopping?

Another reason why you should buy USB powered external hard drive and other items online is due to the fact that you can find more options on the internet. If you choose to go to a certain store to buy the item you want, then you will only be limited to what is displayed and available at the store. On the internet, you can even check the items of a seller from another country. There is no way to deny that this innovative way of shopping is definitely a convenient one.

One more reason why people go online shopping is because there are a lot of promos and discounts on the internet. We rarely experience big discounts when we shop at stores. However, when we shop online, we can easily find online vouchers that can help us save a lot of money. In fact, you can even buy USB powered external hard drive, computer case fans, mouse, keyboard and many more at a cheaper price on the internet.


How an Alkaline Water Ionizer Works?

A growing number of people in Singapore have been turning to water ionizers as their source of healthier water. Many of these users have reported that ionizing their water changed their lives for the better—a lot better, thanks to the antioxidants that help fight free radicals and early signs of aging.


How It Works?

1. Water Filtration

This step is very important in ensuring that you’re getting the cleanest and healthiest alkaline water. It is in this phase that many water ionizing brands fall short.

Perhaps, you already know that water ionizers aren’t cheap. Therefore, when you buy one, you want to make the most out of it and make sure it will do what it promises to provide. When pouring water into an ionizing machine, the water goes through a water filter first where toxins and contaminants are sifted out before it goes further down the machine and undergo ionization.

2. Water Ionization

After removing the contaminants in the water, the next phase is the ionization, where the water is processed by electrolysis. This means that the water straight from the water filter is separated into two streams when it is run over electrically charged plates. One stream is rich in hydrogen ions and is called acidic, while the other one is rich in hydroxyl ions and is called alkaline.

When an electrical current is run through the two plates, the ionization is enhanced. As the power becomes stronger, the ionization also increases.

Balanced pH for Optimal Health


Water straight from the faucet is typically neutral or just slightly alkaline. If it’s acidic, water suppliers usually add lye to tip the pH scale towards the alkaline side and prevent leaching of metal components from the pipes that transport it to homes.

As mentioned, an ionizing machine divides the filtered water into two streams. When you drink healthy alkaline water in Singapore, the pH of the water in the alkaline side ranges from eight to 11; while the water on the acidic side, which can be used as cleaner and antibacterial wash, the pH level ranges from six to three.

Antioxidant Property

The antioxidant level of a liquid is measured in Oxidation Reduction Potential, or more popularly known as ORP. When ORP is positive (+), it’s oxidizing, decaying, and aging; when it’s negative (-), it’s reducing and a good antioxidant. An ionizing machine produces both kinds of liquid. The alkaline is reducing or the antioxidant one and the acidic is the oxidizing one.

Tap water typically has an ORP of +200 or higher, depending on the chlorine content and other properties. Also, bottled waters mostly have +ORP. Alkaline water is said to be the safest water to drink because it has negative ORP level.

The Bottom Line

After a series of processes that happens inside an ionizing machine, the water that comes out from it becomes alkaline and with a reduced molecular composition that will aid better penetration of minerals into the cells and tissues of human body. The alkaline water has the ability to donate electrons and serve as a powerful antioxidant that will keep the body’s foundation strong and intact.

All water ionizers available in Singapore create the same health-beneficial alterations to regular tap water with slight quantitative differences, depending mainly on the technology used. The major difference, however, is on the ability of the internal water filter to remove contaminants. Most ionizers do a great job in removing chlorine, but only a few can fully eradicate other common contaminants and toxins.


Property Management: The Basics of Contracting Your Property Painting

Maybe, for some home projects, do-it-yourself wall painting is acceptable; but for business rental properties, like condominiums, apartments, and commercial buildings, it unquestionably requires professional painting services. The professional experiences and skills of painting contractors guarantee that your rental property will look attractive and enticing to the eyes of prospect renters.


For better understanding, here are the basics of contracting painting services—painting contractors’ duties, the process of hiring them, and negotiating the best price for their job.

What is a Painting Contractor?

These people usually work as a sub-contractor, under a general contractor, or can also hire themselves out directly to property owners. Usually, painting contractors are small operation groups, ranging from one-man proprietor up to 30 painters working for a company.

How to Find a Painting Contractor?

There are plenty of painting contractors all over Singapore. You can ask a good condo manager in Singapore to recommend one for you, or find one yourself. While many of them concentrate on painting alone, some perform associated tasks like minor drywall works, plaster repairs, molding, and trimming, and wallpapering.

When looking for a local painting contractor, ask for recommendations from your property management company, if working with one. If not, talk to colleagues or notice postages from lawns of houses along your homes’ neighborhood.

For bigger properties, like commercial buildings, which requires quality painting, local magazines display advertisements of established painting service companies. These magazines have lists of names and contact numbers of contractors—but be warned that most them are high-end workers and are quite expensive.


What Can Painting Contractors Do?

Painting contractors take on any kind of painting job, from painting windows to an entire building painting job. But for now, let’s just assume they’re painting the interiors of your property. You can expect they will do the following:

• Covering of objects and areas that are not included in the painting process, which may include the windows, floors, cabinets, kitchen counters, etc.
• Minor surface preparation, like sanding and scraping of old paint. “Minor” because stripping of old paint is a professional blaster’s job, not for painters.
• Removal of doors, lights, electrical plates, and other obstacles
• Priming new wall or the old paint with latex primer
• Double coating interior latex paint
• Double coating ceiling paint
• Clean-ups and final finishes
• Final evaluation between the homeowner and painting foreman

How to Talk With a Painting Contractor?

One good thing about conversing with painters is that you don’t need specialized lingo, unlike talking with electricians and plumbers. Most contractors can easily explain the process and make things easy to understand for their clients. Some of the important points you may want to discuss with your contractor and managing agent are the cost of the paint and whether it’s already included in the estimated price, the type of paint to be used, the number of coatings to be applied, the timeframe of the job, and whether or not it’s preferable for the residents to vacate the place while the job is going on.

Beautifying your property is part of property management, and one way to make sure your building looks striking to prospect clients is to exquisitely paint its interior and exterior walls. In doing so, let the professionals handle it and consider hiring professional painting contractors. Ask your managing agent for recommendations of quality contractors for top-notch painting results.


Protecting Your Financial Information: A Quick Guide

It seems like we always hear of stories of stolen financial information in the news. Even in Singapore, stealing money by accessing another’s bank account is a rampant modus operandi. Being more vigilant and smart about our actions will help in preventing this unfortunate event from ever happening to us.

The truth is, no matter what method you do in handling your finances, there is bound to be some kind of risk involved. Practice these smart moves in order to keep your money and your personal financial information safe from people who want to steal your hard-earned money.

  • Cleaning out your wallet

Many of us are guilty of doing this: carrying a lot, if not all of our financial information inside our wallets every day. Go through all the stuff sticking out of your wallet and examine everything critically. Take out the credit cards you do not regularly use. Important identification cards like your social security card should not be inside your wallet. Store these important documents at home or in a safety deposit box.


  • Use that shredder.

Credit companies and banks like to send paper mail for different purposes. Some of these mails can contain personal information on your financial accounts so be sure to purchase a paper shredder to safely destroy any important mail or credit card statements after reading and reviewing. Promotiona credit application mails should also be shredded since thieves can access information using this.


  • Beware of phishing.

Internet scammers use phishing to access your personal information though text or email. The important part is these texts or emails seem to be coming from trusted companies, those that you have accounts with. Hackers and fraud experts tend to impersonate these companies in order to get important information from you. Research online to get a hold of sample phishing mails and be more wary of immediately replying to one.


  • Learn to freeze your credit.

Losing your wallet can be a scary experience. If you’re scared that your accounts might be accessed by the use of important personal information in your stolen wallet, simply freeze your accounts so no one can withdraw money without your consent. Once you discover that you’ve lost your wallet, give your bank companies a call to inform them of your loss.


  • No to passwords, yes to passphrase.

Some of us use easily remembered passwords for our financial accounts. This may be convenient for us but this also increases risks of your account being accessed by cunning thieves. Some of us are even guilty of using one password for all of our online accounts. This should not be the case. Hackers of today are pretty smart when it comes to guessing account passwords. To avoid being a victim of these hackers, instead of using a password for your bank accounts, use a passphrase instead. These are a little more complex and harder to crack.


  • Be smart when banking on mobile.

Mobile banking is possible with the help of banking apps. When accessing your banking account on mobile, be careful not to use public wi-fi networks. It’s better to turn off your wi-fi when mobile banking to prevent hackers from using your account to withdraw money.


How to Stop Hiccups in an Instant

Hiccups can be annoying and a source of distraction especially if you’re scrambling to do something important. These involuntary diaphragm contractions can last for a couple of minutes to an hour. This is usually caused by stress, overeating, burst of sudden excitement or eating too fast.

There are a number of ways to stop hiccups, some effective while others are simply hearsays. To summarize all of these hiccup solutions, we give you a list of some of the most effective ways to stop your hiccups instantly.

It’s all about relaxing.

  • Holding your breath. Breathing techniques help to relax your diaphragm and stop the hiccups. Hold your breath for a 10 seconds in several successions then exhale slowly. Repeat it for about 3 to 4 times. The carbon dioxide buildup in the lungs will relax the diaphragm, making the hiccups go away.
  • Use a paper bag. Breathing through a paper bag increases the carbon dioxide in the body. As we learned earlier, this helps in stopping hiccups. Focusing on breathing on the bag also lets your forget about your hiccups.
  • Compress it. Compress your chest gently and lean a little bit forward to put enough pressure on the diaphragm. You can also do the alternative of hugging your knees close to your chest for several minutes. While the diaphragm is relaxing, it’s nice to take your mind off the hiccups too.


Drink for relief.

  • Water break. Eliminating persistent hiccups is as easy as taking several sips of water. When you drink water, the esophagus contracts and this overrides any diaphragm contractions you are having. Few quick sips or a large gulp of water relaxes the diaphragm and stops hiccups instantly.
  • The vagus nerve. Applying pressure to the vegus nerve by sticking your fingers in your ears while drinking through a straw is effective in relaxing the diaphragm. The act of putting your fingers inside the ears applies pressure to the vegus nerve. While drinking water this way, it is also vital that you swallow water slowly and steadily.


Preventing hiccups

  • Try to eat slowly. To prevent hiccups from happening, try the preventive measure of eating slowly. If you get hiccups during similar times daily, it may be that this is caused by eating too quickly. Eating should be done slowly and in your own pace or else it may cause indigestion or buildup of gas.
  • Drink slowly, too. Drinking carbonated drinks quickly also irritate the diaphragm and cause hiccups. Like eating, it is also good to drink carbonated drinks in a slow pace.
  • Avoid overeating. The amount of food we eat also affects the occurrence of hiccups. Eating too much overloads the digestive tract by not allowing enough time to process all the food you have consumed.
  • Avoid stimulating foods and drinks. Your love for spicy food can cause too much acid to leak to the esophagus, resulting in successive hiccups. Like in the case of drinking carbonated drinks, gulping alcoholic drinks in one go irritates the esophagus and lets it expand rapidly.


Don’ts of Texting  


The coming of mobile phones is a gift to humanity together with internet and computers. With it, staying in touch is easier and more comfortable. Here in Singapore, almost all people have their mobile phones. They either use it to text, call or even check online. There is no surprise that it has become a part of our lives.


In this case, let us talk more about texting. Our days will never be complete without texts from important people in our lives. This technology also comes with responsibility. You cannot just freely text anybody and send them inappropriate messages. There is such thing as texting etiquette too. You just need to know some. Here are the don’ts of texting:

Do not send a text message when angry

When you are angry, you tend to speak a lot of things – some are ill. Then regret it afterwards. You can avoid these things if you do not send text messages when you are angry or furious. Contain or calm yourself first before talking to someone and if you cannot satisfy yourself through texting, better call the person. The more appropriate thing to do is to talk personally.

Do not send group messages

There are just those people who are fond of sending group messages of whatever things. This can be very annoying especially if you do not personally know the person. Do not be this person. Avoid sending group messages unless it is study or work related like reminding for an activity or event.

Do not send a text message when drunk

When you are drunk, you tend to say things freely and openly. Some things should be kept and if you are drunk, you tend to open up. Avoid sending texts when you are drunk so you won’t live to regret the booze and the text message.

BA2XJX Male hands using iPhone writing a text message

Do not put kisses on texts to your colleagues

It is okay to put kisses on texts to your friends, family and loves ones but it is never right to send one to your colleagues. This is also the same for emails and other platforms.

Do not text if you are going to be absent

If you are going to be absent, it is easy to text but that is not proper. When you are going to be absent, it is better to call your boss and not rely on text messages. You have to talk to your boss or teacher.

Do not gossip over text

Gossiping is not a good habit and you should avoid doing it. Do not patronize it through texting.

Do not end a relationship over text

The least thing that you can do is to talk to the person personally. He/she at least deserves that. Do not just end the relationship over text.

Do not text bad news

Bad news should be told personally too. It should not be sent via text message because there will be things that will be left out.

There you go. You should remember these if you do not want to be ridiculed. It is easy to keep these guidelines. If you feel like it, share this to other people as well so they too will know how to conduct themselves when texting.

How to Live Peacefully With Your In-Laws

It is only typical for Asian families to care for family members even when they’re growing older or even after they get married. Usually it’s the wife that moves in with the husband’s family but it’s not a general rule – there never was. Singapore is not an exception to this family culture. What’s great about this setup is that the parents who are getting older and weaker with age do not have to live their last years alone and they get to have someone to take care of them as they become weak and senile. The young couple in turn gets to save money from rent as they are sharing space in the parents’ house. What’s not so great about this is most of the times the setup is a recipe for disaster – anyone here who have not watched Monsters In-Law yet?


Keep an Open Communication

Communication is always the key. Set the tone from the onset and let open communication be natural between you and your family members. It will be great if your In-Laws perceive you as a reasonable adult and someone whom they can talk to or even compromise with.

Share Responsibilities

Sharing space with people means sharing responsibilities. It’s very annoying to live with someone who doesn’t lift a finger to do any household chores while you find yourself doing all the chores all the time. Don’t let this be a situation for you. This should be a general rule not just when you’re living in with your In-Laws but even among friends who share a place together.

Keep Your Privacy

Don’t forget to keep your intimacy alive as a couple by making sure that you follow a schedule of quality time together. You can arrange to go on weekend trips or simple bonding moments in your private room at the end of the day. Build a strong positive relationship with your In-Laws but don’t forget the reason why you’re in their place to begin with.


Always Choose Peace

Don’t expect everything to be perfect or go your way because it won’t. Be realistic enough to accept beforehand that there may be upsetting words said or disappointing moments that can happen. If it’s not worth it, you can just let it go. Remember that once you choose to make it your battle you might not have a chance to get it back to where you used to have a pleasant relationship. Don’t make it any more difficult for you. Choose peace.

Set Boundaries

You can’t help it when your In-Laws have their own opinion and tell you about how to run things. You better make sure that you already talked the arrangements out as a couple. What are the things that are important between you two that you need to handle on your own? How do you both want things to be? Your In-Laws are there to guide you and share their advice but you need to have a mind of your own as well.

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Know the Real Deal with Single Speed Bikes

Biking has become a favorite pastime for many Singaporeans. The higher level of health awareness and the need to keep the environment clean and green only add up reasons for more and more people to turn into biking. The country offers many cycling routes and trails for their everyday bikers and even recommends some biking tours for tourists who want to see Singapore in a different light. Singapore is really a big city of concretes which makes for great urban road biking. And when it comes to city cyclists, the best option for them is to get a Single Speed Bike. A Single Speed Bikes is a bicycle that is single-geared or has only one gear on its drivetrain. The bike is stripped down to its bare essentials and is generally lighter, faster, and more great-looking than the multi-geared bicycles.


They Are Low Maintenance

Getting a Single Speed Bike can save you a lot of stress (not to mention your money and time). Since the bike is made up of only the basic essentials, you only need to worry about the wheels, brakes, and cranks. So that means less time for the maintenance and repair and more time for enjoyable biking.

They Are Very Affordable

Getting a Single Speed Bike won’t ruin your budget. You can have the best-looking best-performing bike in your neighborhood and still get to keep your savings. The first factor that makes these bikes so cheap is because the lesser number of component parts on the bike already make it cheap. Another factor is the fact that they’re so easy to maintain and repair. They take the least amount of time to fix and the least amount of labor making for really low spending on a bike.

They Are Really Light

Getting a Single Speed Bike means you can take it with you wherever you go. This also means you can even take the bike with you upstairs in your apartment to keep off from bicycle thieves. These bikes are so light they are so easy to manhandle. Their light weight also means the biker can save power in          driving the bike forward in a given gear ratio.


They Are Very Efficient

Getting a Single Speed Bike means more efficiency. Unlike their multi-geared counterparts, riding the Single Speed Bike will save you from having to keep shifting gears. What this also means is less hassle especially for shorter trips and for those who commute daily. The bike’s straight chain line also adds up to the biker’s smoother, longer, and faster pedaling. These bikes can also be a source of a great workout.

They Are Great on Flat Ground

Getting a Single Speed Bike is your best choice for city biking. These bikes are best used on flat grounds and enable efficient maneuvering on city traffic and hazards. But this also means that bikers will face more difficulty and harder work when climbing uphill or on a more varied topography as compared to riding multi-geared bikes.


Tips for Picking the Right Room Color


This 2016, we want to change how we see and look at things. We can totally change our perspective or consider the more subtle and easier way – changing the color of our room. Color can affect our mood and productivity without us knowing.


To encourage good mood and inspire productivity, it is time to change the color of our room. Here are some secrets to pick the right room paint:

  1. Start small. Sometimes we are afraid to change the color of the room because we are uncertain of how it will turn out. If this is the case, we can start from small. You can for instance start with the bathroom and see how it can affect you before pursuing the walls.


  1. Think of your mood. Since you are going to change your room’s color, pick a color you want to feel. For example, choose colors that have soothing or restful effects. Soft and neutral colors will create a restful and quiet feeling compared to strong colors.


  1. Consider lighting. Paint stores have light boxes so you will have an idea of the colors when exposed to light. Remember that natural daylight will reveal the paint’s truest color while the incandescent lighting brings out yellows and other warm tones and fluorescent lighting reveals sharp blue tones.


  1. Follow the color wheel. Using the color wheel can be beneficial because it can give you an idea of color combinations. If you learn to use the color wheel, you will know what colors to maximize.

The great news is that all colors are available here in Singapore. If things are difficult, we can seek the help of experts.


Things to Wear this New Year  


We want to welcome the year fashionably. We might get invited to parties or better – join the New Year’s countdown. For some Singaporeans, the biggest hurdle is deciding what to wear. We have to look our best and in style. Here’s how we can usher the New Year with style:


  • Maxi skirt: Who said maxi skirts are not sexy? It can be sexy and fashionable if you combine it with a crop top. This is a good item to wear if you have plans to attend pool or rooftop parties. The good news is that it comes with variety of styles from pencil to A-line and tulle.
  • Floral: Floral patterned dresses are pretty you will surely turn heads during the party. Floral patterned dresses are timely pieces so you can just wear it anytime of the year. In fact, it can be a good conversation starter.


  • Palazzo pants: Some girls are wondering what to call tube-like pants that are comfortable and breezy. It is called palazzo. This pants shows that you do not need to sacrifice comfort for fashion since it is both comfortable and fashionable. These pants are chic and if you want to elongate your legs, wear heels.
  • Sequinned dress/top: If you really want to demand attention and dazzle other guests, you have to consider sequinned dresses or tops. If you wear sparky dress, remember to tone down your footwear, hair and make-up.
  • Jumpsuits: When you have exhausted all dresses, you can turn to jumpsuits and still be fashionable. Not all people consider jumpsuits during parties because they think that it is only for summer. The truth is, jumpsuits can be versatile.

Now you know what to wear. It is time to party.

7 Top Fashion Pieces Every French Girl Has

Many of us want to be like French girls because of their exceptional and effortless style. French girls are never too dressed down or too dressed up, they have mastered the art of dressing flawlessly. They can elevate a simple outfit and turn it into a show-stopping number.

No matter how effortless a French girl’s style is, we still find it difficult to emulate how they dress and carry themselves. To be one step closer to getting that effortless French girl style, here are some fashion and clothing pieces that you need to have to become one.


  • Jeans

Because of its comfort and versatility, jeans are a top favorite of French girls. It’s practically a uniform because you can wear them anytime and anywhere. It can even be used to adopt any style- such classic, feminine and edgy.


  • Shirt

Another French girl uniform is the crisp white button-down shirt. Get it in different styles and fabrics as long as you stack them up in your wardrobe. You can pair the white shirt with anything from skinny jeans to a flare skirt. Roll up the sleeves for a more effortless look.


  • Leather jacket

A leather jacket is a fashion item you can wear all year round. From casual to formal, feminine to edgy, a leather jacket is a finishing touch to a stylish ensemble. The most popular pairing is a plain t-shirt and leather jacket, channeling James Dean’s favorite style.


  • Blazer

A blazer is a corporate chic clothing piece. A pair of jeans and graphic tee can be made more polished once a blazer is added. To get the perfect fit, tailor it to your exact measurements.


  • Oversized sweater

A cashmere sweater is a thing of beauty. It’s soft and luxurious, and can go with anything you pair it with. Since French girls like unconventional ways of baring skin, they will probably wear this with one shoulder off.


  • Little black dress

Not only a French girl clothing essential, an LBD is something every girl should have in their closet. You can never go wrong with the little black dress. It’s timeless and always in fashion. Invest in different styles of LBD which you can change up depending on what style you want to portray for the day.


  • Trench coat

A French girl’s wardrobe is not complete without the trench coat. They never go out of fashion and can wear it no matter the season. It can be a good outer wear for an off-duty ensemble or a fancy outfit.


Moringa: The New Superfood

Health and diet-conscious people always look out for the new addition to the coveted superfood group. Some of the most popular superfoods in the market today are acai, goji berries, cacao, chia seeds, mangosteen, and blueberries. Recently, another one has been named as one of these foods that are teeming with vitamins and nutrients- Moringa.


Known as the miracle leaf because of its wide array of minerals that can be easily absorbed by the body, Moringa contains essential amino acids needed for the growth and repair of cells. It is also high in vitamins, mainly vitamins B, C, D and E.

Its long list of health benefits do not end there. Daily consumption of Moringa, experts say, bring positive changes to the immune system by boosting it. Energy levels, metabolism and blood circulation in the body are also improved.

Still looking for more health benefits? Studies also show that Moringa is a natural detoxifier and body purifier. Its antibacterial properties are also no joke.


Moringa is not only good to consume, many beauty products also contain Moringa because it has natural moisturizing and anti-aging qualities. But perhaps the best form of taking in Moringa is in its supplement form. Moringa in powder form can also be added to drinks, soups, salad dressings and smoothies for better consumption.

Moringa leaves can also transformed as a type of tea. Simply dry its leaves, ground it, and put it in tea bags to be enjoyed like any other tea.


Finding Relief From the Effects of Menstruation  


Not all Singaporean women can relate to the pain and discomfort others feel when they have their monthly periods. There are other women whose pain and discomfort are twice magnified compared to others. If you are not blessed with a smooth monthly period, you have to act now and improve things.

You wish to complete the month in a pleasant and relaxing manner but when it comes to your periods, you feel the other way around. The menstrual cramps will surely leave you bitter with pain. You will not relax and as if it is not enough, it will affect your mood.

To help you deal with the bloodiest and the most difficult time of the month, here are some tips worth considering:

For simple relief: Whether it is your doctor or your grandma who advised you to employ hot water bottle to relieve menstrual cramps, you have to follow it. Heat therapy proves to be efficient when it comes to menstrual cramps. If water bottles are not available, you can use heating pads or heated cloth instead. This will soothe any painful feeling.


For your diet: You just do not want to give in to your cravings of junk foods. You have to keep away from salty foods because it can intensify the pain. Eating right helps you feel better. You need fruits and vegetables that are rich in healthy oils, zinc and calcium. Water should not be spared.

For the right movement: The pain will surely nail you to the bed and as much as you want to indulge, you have to move. Moving is for your health and it will be a welcome distraction. Moving is safe.

If you cannot handle things, it is time that you consult your doctors.