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How to Stay Healthy With Your Partner

If you haven’t already noticed, couples tend to adopt each other’s health and eating habits. Some like to go to the gym together and others like to eat a lot together as well. So for better or for worse, you will most likely have similar health choices with your partner. If you’re starting to go […]

Reasons to Consider Using Dating Apps

For a time, online dating apps were the talk of the town, not only in Singapore but all around the world. These days though, a lot of people are starting to bat an eye on online dating. So are there still reasons for you to try it out? The answer is, yes! Read on to […]

The Reasons Behind Successful People’s Unsuccessful Marriage  

  When we are married, we do our best to fortify our relationship and prevent it from crumbling down. The efforts of others pay off but reality tells us that not all marriages last – not even to the seemingly perfect couples. Divorce is not new here in Singapore and the world. The recent announcement […]