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Five Light Fabrics that Will Keep You Cool on a Hot Day

Singapore can be really hot for most of the year, and when it gets too hot, you don’t just need to have a cold drink or sit in an air-conditioned building to beat the heat – you also want to have clothes that keep you cool even during the hottest time of day. Here are […]

The Different Types of Women’s Footwear and What They’re for

Footwear is a staple to looking your best anywhere you go and whatever you do. Whether they’re heels or stilettos to gym sneakers, a good pair that goes well with your outfit will be sure to make you an eye-turner. But before you go ahead and head to the nearest store, you should know exactly […]

The High Price of Being High Fashion

6 Fashion Pieces That Are Hurting Your Back It’s no surprise that fashion pieces like sky-high heels and heavy carryalls are doing some damage on our back, but you may be surprised to know the other fashion saboteur in your wardrobe. Not really sure as to what to watch out for? Then here are six […]

The Fashion industry of Singapore

The mindset, that you have to go to the west to get the best in terms of fashion and apparel is fast changing, thanks to the immergence of Singapore- the Fashion Mainland of Asia. Singapore has single handedly proved that one needn’t be established in the west to get recognized but rather has caught the […]