5 Must-Know Wedding Gown Trends in 2015

Looking for the perfect wedding dress is just like finding your future husband – it’s going to be a tough search, but it should be something that you’ll love forever. Worry not though, as there are several looks available for almost every type of bride. Although the classic laces proved to be timeless designs, couture designers still managed to deliver some surprising wedding gown trends and here, we’ve highlighted five of this year’s top wedding gown trends that’ll surely make each and every bride stand out on her most special day.


  1. Feather for Glam Brides. Feathers once served as a sign of social status in the past, but this year, designers managed to create a stylish revival of this classic piece. The feminine touch, glamour, modernism, drama and seduction that it exudes turned it into one of the hottest trends on the runaway today. Its texture and weightlessness are some of the reasons why it’s the perfect embellishment for your big day.
  1. Cape for Edgy Brides. Searching for something more unique than a train and a veil? Then try on a cape. This rather surprising trend took the runway by storm by offering the style and coverage fit for every edgy bride out there.
  1. Deep V-Neckline for Seductive Brides. Nothing does better at elongating your upper body and giving you the sensual look that you want to achieve than a wedding gown with a deep V-neckline. Flattering on almost any body type, opting for this style will surely add a powerful head-turning element in your gown.


  1. Crop Top for Unconventional Brides. If you’re up for something different, then crop top wedding dresses may be the right style for you. Although this style is not something new among celebrities, it sure did trickle down on this year’s bridal runway. Crop tops come in several styles, giving you a lot of options to choose from – and if you’re having your big day during the balmy months, then you won’t go wrong in this weather-appropriate style.
  1. Off-Shoulders for Bombshell Brides. Want to have a sleeved gown without looking too covered? Opt for an off-shoulder dress. Timeless, romantic and feminine, this look will surely give you that old Hollywood flair to any bride who wants to enhance her curves without being too revealing.

With all the different styles of gowns out there, choosing the perfect gown for you may seem difficult. But by picking one from these wedding gown styles, you’ll definitely be able to make every head turn your way as you walk down the aisle.


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